About Us


To provide the inspiration, encouragement and tools to help create precious slow-time moments so together we can love, laugh and share no matter how busy or complicated our day-to-day lives are


When our first son was 3 months old I left the room for a minute...

When I returned his beautiful face lit-up with such excitement to see me again. I felt overwhelmed with love and had a moment of intense inspiration. I told him I had brought back some kisses with me and kissed them all over his little face. He giggled and I giggled and in that moment we were together, sharing one of life’s most precious moments. 
I was so touched by the whole experience I wanted to capture and share it, so I put my feelings and ideas down on paper. 
I have found that slowing down is the best way to allow special moments to happen. Precious moments are hard to share in our busy world but when I put the madness on on hold, I discover magical little moments appear in beautiful, unexpected ways. 
My dream is to help everyone find that precious slow-time with the little ones they love.
The Kiss Co is helping me become a better parent. Like so many, I constantly feel guilty about not having enough quality time with my kids. It’s an anxiety I may never get rid of but through the Kiss Co I am better able to remind myself that it is often the smallest moments that make the biggest difference. Being no expert in parenting, I feel the Kiss Co is actually a journey for me, helping me be the best I can be for my own little ones in the precious moments that I do have.