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Get the collection that has 90% of our little customers coming back for more.

Get the collection that has 90% of our little customers coming back for more.

Connection through affection

Welcome! We're so glad you're here to meet 'Kiss' and 'Cuddle', who started life in our book 'I Got You Some Kisses’. The love for 'Kiss' and 'Cuddle' grew so much that they burst from the pages and leaped into their own land of Kisses & Cuddles! In this land we leave our worries behind, snuggle up and help you connect in a moment.

We're here because we know it's the little things that truly make a difference. Our books and award-wining toys give our 'Kiss' and 'Cuddle' characters a way to share their messages of affection & connection. We hope their messages help your customers slow down and make every second you have together count.

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For the store with a difference

The research is out — and it’s all over the internet! Parents and Grandparents are looking for books & toys that will help little minds to thrive in our ever-changing world. So for the baby to toddler range, that means the simpler (and quite often softer) the better.

The Kiss Co is built around the concept of ‘connection through affection’.

Our books and award-wining toys bring Kisses and Cuddles to life, helping Parents, Grandparents and the little ones leave their troubles behind, slow down and enjoy enjoy precious moments together.

With a complementary range of familiar faces, repeat customers make up 60% of our retail trade. As we increase our ever-expanding product range, we’re looking into more ways we can bring joy, from newborns to nearly-at-school agers.

Give your shelves the warmth and joy parents and grandparents are looking for, by becoming part of The Kiss Co. family and placing your first order today.

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More about us

Opening an account with The Kiss Co is simple. You can view everything you need from our online portal, including stock availability, imagery, descriptions and pricing. We have no minimum orders - no minimum quantity or product OR minimum total order value.

Established in 2015, we can be confident your customers will love our products, and welcome you to try one of anything.

With industry-standard margins and competitive RRPs, we’re in the game to help your business, and ours, grow.

Our products range from between $22-55, and every one of our toys or books work as part of the complete Kiss Co. range.

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Request a FREE sample

If you’re reading this and love what we do, or are looking for a chance to experience The Kiss Co. before ordering, we’re happy to send your store a sample, at no extra cost.

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In it for the kisses

The Kiss Co. began in 2015 when I was inspired to write 'I Got You Some Kisses', my first illustrated children’s book. Its success quickly led to a series of books for young children, which has now sold over 30,000 copies.

Our charming ‘kiss’ and ‘cuddle’ characters have continued to feature in our expanding toy range, with books and toys shipped worldwide to over 50 countries.

We’ve continued to develop our range and bundle offers, with new wooden and organic cotton soft range to suit young minds. Our Hide & Seek game, which took away two awards for best stimulative toy and best activity in the 1-3 age range, is part of our move to extend our nurturing philosophy further, fostering better educational and play experiences.


Proud two time Loved by Parents award recipient

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    Loved by Parents Best Stimulative Toy 1-3yrs

    The awards are given out according to parents votes, and thanks to you, this well known UK organisation put our cute little Kiss Co NZ on the map with two prestigious platinum awards for our interactive Hide & Seek game.

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    Loved by Parents Best Activity Toy 1-3yrs

    The awards are given out according to parents votes, and thanks to you, this well known UK organisation put our cute little Kiss Co NZ on the map with two prestigious platinum awards for our interactive Hide & Seek game.

The Kiss Co. advantage

Taking on new brands from small companies is hard. But The Kiss Co. likes to help its suppliers, by doing the hard work for you.

  • Get access to our full image library

    We’ll send you easily downloadable images and text to use for your website and/or social media.

  • Professional photography

    We’re partnered with Bonny Beattie, so our imagery is second to none in professional quality.

  • Ethical and eco friendly

    Our soft toys are made from organic cotton, while all wooden toys are FSC approved.

  • Competitive RRPs and margins

    We only stand to benefit when you do, which is why we’re competitively priced.

No minimum quantity or minimum total order
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What our partners are saying about The Kiss Co

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    Sue Hauser-Deakin
    Owner at Shelf Home + Gifts

    Sue has been a customer of ours for over 5 years and runs a beautiful boutique in an upmarket area of Christchurch. 

    "It's an absolute pleasure to have these beautiful books and toys in store. The ethos behind this brand makes it an easy sell”

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    Melanie-Jane Smith
    Owner at The Poi Room

    Melanie-Jane is the owner of The Poi Room, beautifully curated art stores in Newmarket and Ponsonby.

    "We enjoyed working with Ami…so professional, fabulous products! The Kiss Co is a fabulous business.  Highly recommended!!!!"

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    Sue Hauser-Deakin
    Owner at Shelf Home + Gifts

    "The love that people have for these books is widespread and we found that once a customer had bought one, they would be in to buy another.

    I have stocked Kiss Co products for a while now and they are a constant good seller with a loyal following."


Frequently asked questions

New Zealand born, we have a wonderful partner in Australia, with warehouses in both countries. We also ship globally, across the UK, Ireland, Asia, the US and Canada.

For those inside Australia or New Zealand, orders should arrive within 2-7 working days. For anyone outside of either country, allow between 5-9 days for delivery. 

Absolutely! You can reach us via email -

Join the family today

Open an account with us and start stocking your shelves with The Kiss Co. We’d love to begin working with you!

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